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At G C Network Ltd.
Read more about what you need to apply below.

What do we look for in applicants?


A Team Player

In G C Network we work together to achieve great things. When someone isn't available, others will fill in for them, so we can always keep moving forward.


Critical Thinker

We are always open new, creative ideas. We will always try to find the best and most efficient way to get the job done. See something, say something. Share your ideas!



As a part of a team and a community we should all be respectful to each other and other ideas. Think before you talk. Words have a greater impact than you think!


Active and Ready

We need to stay active and ready to take on any action. Whether if it's alone or as a team, we should always be ready. Time never stops, and we don't either.



An important trait that most of our team members have is being self-driven. Meaning being able to get their job done on time, without being told by someone else.



Most importantly we are always friendly to one another, and other members of our community. It is not hard to make great connections with people.

Application Process


Résumé & Cover Letter Submission

First applicants must send us their résumés and cover letters as well as stating which division would the like to work in, and what position would they like to hold.

Application Shortlisting

After résumés have been submitted, within 1-2 weeks our human resources manager will review the entries and create a shortlist of the selected candidates. If you receive an Email asking you to fill out a questionnaire to proceed further with your application, this means you have passed this stage and are still on our list.

Questionnaire Submission

Selected candidates will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. Upon this request they will also receive a password starting with "gc" via Email. They should then enter this password in the 'Password' field in their questionnaire form to submit it through our system. Within 4-3 days after your form submission, our team will contact you to schedule a Voice-Chat interview.

Screening Interview

Six candidates will be selected for the screening interview. This interview will take about 20-30 minutes, discussing about candidates' skills, goals, experience etc.


Based on an applicant's responses our team will then review their application and take a decision about their profile. If approved, they will be notified via Email and they will need to schedule their final Interview.

Final Interview

This is the last step in which determines whether an applicant's application will be accepted or not. Our team will be asking you detailed questions regarding the position you are applying to.

Welcome to The Team!

If you receive an Email within 24 hours after your final interview, you are most likely accepted to be a part of our team. - Congratulations and Welcome to the team!


We are here to help You! Visit our Support Desk to talk to an available agent.

How is it like working at G C Network?

We're a Team!

As a team we always have each others' backs. If someone is sick, on a vacation, or simply not able to finish their work, others will fill in for them so that we can always keep moving forward.

We Share!

In G C Network we love creativity, simplicity, and new ideas. If someone has an idea.. any idea, they share and maybe someone in the team can turn it into reality. We are somewhat Genies.

We Love!

We love what we do, and we do it in the best way possible. We love our community and we appreciate their support. We try our very best to keep everyone happy!

We have fun!

After all the hard work in the week, we'll have game nights on the weekends to have some fun and enjoy life with the people who we care about.


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