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A Muli-Game Mode Minecraft Server
Supporting Minecraft version 1.12.2 and above.

Stunning Maps, High Quality Mini-Games, Modded Servers, and Game Mode Systems.


V.1.0 Website Has Launched!

You can now visit different pages to read more about G C Network and your favorite games, create an account on our forums, chat with your friends, post and share your funny moments, create your own fan base, allow other users to rate, like, and comment under your posts (if you wish to do so). - You can learn more about the systems that we have that provide our players a unique gaming experience, reach out to us and create support tickets with our User-Friendly support system at our Support Desk, visit our online Store to purchase Ranks, Boosters, Mystery Boxes, Companions, and a lot more, to help us in the development and improvement of our services.

Did you know?

Did you know that you can play your favorite Game Modes, Mini-Games, Modded Games, and Multiplayer Adventure Maps on G C Minecraft Network? - There is a large variety of Game Modes, Mini-Games, Modded Games, Custom Servers, and Multi-Player Adventure Maps in our network, as well as some of our own unique Game Modes and Mini-Games.

Here are a Few... Survival (SMP), Skyblock, Creative, Prisons, Factions, Sandbox, Deep Space, Skywars, The Bridge, BuildIT, Goldwars, Bedwars, Pixelmon, GTA 5, Cops and Robbers, Cows & Rats (First Person Shooter).

Companions are Here!

Companions are now available in your cosmetics menu. What are they? - Companions are custom-made pets, that will follow you around in Mini-Game Lobbies. You can rename them, Feed them, ride them, disguise as them, and put them on top of your head. - G C Network offers more than 20 Custom Companions that you can choose from. Each year we will add more and more Companions to our store. There are also some bundles available, which give you access to 3 Companions, along with some randomized Legendary Cosmetics!

Did you know?

Did you know that G C Network's Main Lobby has a Story Line? Here in G C we are trying our very best to offer a very unique experience to our players. With each season our Main Lobby receives an update. These updates can either be Live events that are able to be seen in-game, or map updates that will reveal/add new areas to the Main Lobby map.

With each season players will be able to purchase a Golden Pass which allows them to unlock unique rewards, cosmetics, and bundles that are exclusive to that season. These rewards can then be used all across the network.

Claim Your 2 FREE Companions Now!

Chomp Companion

Mini-Me Companion

Enter your Minecraft username below and click 'CLAIM' to claim your FREE Companions.

NOTE: These items will be automatically added to the username you have provided, after V.1.0 release.


Did you know?

Did you know that G C Network has a Sandbox server with cars, planes, jobs, custom tools, and custom pets? Our Sandbox server is completely mod-free, which means that you don't need to install any mods to be able to connect to this server and play.

We try our best to improve our players' Multiplayer Minecraft gameplay experience.

Skyblock 1.0.4 is Here!

Connect now and play on our Skyblock server, and enjoy tons of added automations that make farming and surviving much easier. Many bugs have been patched, more island types have been added to available island generation options. Crates are now operational and can give you a huge boost... if you get lucky that is. Connect now to claim your Common, Uncommon, and Rare crates now! Our Skyblock server tutorial is now updated and can show you all of the how to's. More features have been added and existing ones have been improved.


We are here to help You! Visit our Support Desk to talk to an available agent.




Last Updated - 9/16/2019 | 1:22 PM. (PST | GMT-8)


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