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Note: Before registering an account, joining our community, or purchasing an item on any of G C Network Divisions' store, users must read this document. By proceeding further with any of the actions mentioned above, users agree to this document. - *Users must understand that this document may be updated as the company grows, and new divisions are created.



* Safety and Abuse

We try our best to create a safe, fun, friendly, and professional environment for our users in our community. Users may report a staff member if they are misbehaving, abusive or offensive towards a group or individuals at our Support Desk. To report an abusive member, reach out to us at our Support Desk. We will then review the submitted reports to ensure your safety.


* Shared Content

G C Network staff will Never share any files, links, or resources with you via direct messages; through either on our Community Forum, or our Community Discord Server! Please be aware that G C Network is in no way responsible for any harm caused by contents shared with you via direct messages. - For more advanced security we recommend un-checking your "Allow direct messages from server members." privacy settings in our Discord Server settings. Please also note that G C Network is in no way responsible for the links you click or the files you download, shared by other members in our community server/froum. To


* Registration Agreement

By registering an account, users confirm that they have read and agreed to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and our Terms and Conditions of Use.


* User Settings 

Due to the safety and comfort of all of our users, you are expected to choose appropriate names, nicknames, and/or usernames for your account(s). For your own privacy, we suggest disabling 'Allow Direct Messages' in our Discord server settings. For your own comfort users may mute the bot, media, and genarl chat channels to avoid receiving mass notifications.



Website Cookies

Our website collects cookies to help us understand what the majority of our visitors are interested in, so we can provide a more enjoyable experience with that specific division or service. The data we collect through our cookies are only for monitoring the website traffic.


* IP Addresses and Location

Our websites collect IP addresses and location information for security of both our members and our company. This information will not be used for marketing, nor will it be shared with anyone. We collect IP addresses and Location information for prevention of possible cyber attacks, frauds, and the banishment of misbehaving users only. This information is safe-guarded and encrypted with the help of our SSL certificate.


* Passwords and Usernames

Our website will not save any passwords that are entered in any of the appropriate fields; however, usernames are saved for support and enhancement of your experience.


Behavior Recording

We record and monitor our users' behavior in our community channels/categories to ensure our community members' safety. 



* Payment Details and Billing Address

Your billing address is collected by our website due to security and fraud prevention reasons. This information will be encrypted and will not be shared. We will only share this information with authorized legal agencies if needed. - Your Payment details such as your card information will not be saved, nor will it be readable as it is encrypted and safe-guarded by our payment gateway third party, PayPal. For more information and questions regarding payments, visit PayPal's Help Center.


* Encryption and Security

All the information you provide us on our websites is strongly encrypted, and it will not be shared, nor will it be accessible by our low-tier staff. G C Network will not ask you for this information in any of our community channels, and we advise avoid sharing this information with other community members, or staff who are contacting you directly via Discord or our Community Forum.


* Refunds and Cancellations

Order refunds and cancellations will be only returned to the card, or the paypal account provided at check out. After receiving a refund, your product key will be disabled, and it is no longer valid for refrencing. These products will no longer be active 


* Billing History

Your Billing history will be only visible to you and our billing department agents. To request for a copy of this document, please visit our Support Desk.

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