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If you love to get creative and want to help create something extraordinary, check out our opportunities below!

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What’s it like Working with Us

Here at G C Network, we're all about teamwork. We're on the lookout for passionate individuals who bring respect and a friendly, inclusive vibe to the table. We value open-minded critical thinkers who are self-driven and love to get creative.

When you join our team, you become part of a close-knit family. We're here to help and support each other, working together to create something truly amazing. Even when things get a bit tough, we always keep our cool and treat one another with respect.

We're big fans of creativity, and we're all ears when it comes to new ideas, whether they're small tweaks or grand visions. So, if you're ready to join a community that values collaboration, respect, and creativity, you're in the right place!

Before You Apply...

The key to a successful application is how well-organized and well-prepared it is. Make sure you have your Résumé and Cover Letter ready, as well as all of your best work.

Consider your application as your opening act at a talent show – make it brief, captivating, and leave a lasting impression right away! Rather than requesting, "Contact me for examples of my work" or "Contact me for more details" showcase your best work from the get-go. You're free to choose your preferred method, whether it's a YouTube video, a portfolio link, a GitHub page, screenshot, some code snippets, or anything else that can effectively spotlight your talents.

If you haven't received a response to your application, please understand that we're not moving forward with it at this time. You can find more details about our application process below.

Please keep in mind that applicants must be at least 16 years old and obtain parental or legal guardian consent and approval. If you're 18 or older, no parental approval is required.


What We Offer

  • Rift Master Rank with the current season's Premium Battle Pass.

  • Many Personal and Professional growth opportunities

  • A safe, well-organized, fair, and respectful workspace

  • Volunteer, Freelance, Part-Time and Full-Time Work opportunities

  • A rewarding and enjoyable experience (working doesn't have to be boring!)

  • Chance to work on some of the biggest Minecraft projects with a motivated, creative and supportive team by your side.

  • Remote work flexibility

Plus more benifits in the future!...

General Requirements

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- Access to a Microphone and Stable Internet Connection

- An Active Account on Discord and Minecraft Java Edition

- You are Comfortable working in a Team to achieve greater results.

- You consider yourself to be a generally patient, friendly and understanding person.

- You are fairly familiar with and know how to use Discord.

- Willingness to help our users and guide them to the appropriate resources when needed.

- (Preferably) Experienced in working with Minecraft networks/servers in the past.


Application Process

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First applicants need to send us their résumé and cover letter. Almost all positions require this step!


After submitting your résumé and cover letter, within 1-2 weeks our managers will review the entries and create a shortlist of selected candidates. If you receive an email from us inviting you to an interview, this means that you have passed this stage and you are still on our list.


In this stage we will select 6-8 candidates for the screening interview. This interview will take about 20-30 minutes, and we will ask you about your experience, goals, skills, etc.


In this stage we will carefully review your application and send out invitiations to the selected candidates to schedule their final interview.


This is the final step towards processing your application. In this stage we might ask you detailed questions about the position you are applying to.


If you receive an email from us within 24 hours of your final interview, and if there are no other complications with the application, we are thrilled to have you on our team. Congratulations! To help you feel at home, we offer all newly hired staff a job training period during which they can familiarize themselves with our systems and understand how we operate. We will primarily communicate with our team through Discord, where we organize fun staff events, hang out, gather feedback, and more.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on Discord or create a ticket at our Support Desk! - Thank you so much for showing interest in working with us!

Open Positions

NOTE: We value our team's contribution and dedication, and we want to reward them for their help and efforts but due to high expenses and limited income, all openings are voluntary work until further notice.

Please disregard time-related requirements for the listed openings

Bug Buster (Tester)

Bug Busters are our enthusiastic volunteer testers who play a vital role in improving our games and servers. They take part in testing events alongside our staff, where their mission is to discover and report any issues, bugs, or vulnerabilities in our new features. With permission from an administrator or manager, they go all out to thoroughly test and troubleshoot our server. Afterward, they share their experiences, suggestions, and details about their testing in a feedback form.

Volunteer Part-Time — Remote


Community Helper - [Helper]

Our Community Helpers are vital volunteers who contribute to both our community and the operation of our services. They step in to assist when team members are unavailable. Helpers have access to certain moderation tools and commands, allowing them to issue warnings, mutes, kicks, or restrictions when they encounter rule violations. After taking action, they report the incident to the moderation team, ensuring appropriate follow-up. Helpers are enthusiastic about supporting our community by offering helpful information and assisting players and users with their questions and concerns.

Volunteer Part-Time — Remote


Voiceover Artist

Voiceover Artists play a pivotal role in breathing life into our characters, narrating captivating stories through their voices. They contribute to shaping our characters by infusing them with personality, tone, and narratives that resonate with our players. This, in turn, allows our players to relish a relaxed gameplay experience without the need to read extensive dialogues or blocks of text.

Part-Time/Freelance — Remote


Professional and Creative Writer

It is of utmost importance that our players, users, user’s parents, partners, and our audience can easily comprehend our message, story, vision, terms, announcements, notices, and more. Our team of professional and creative writers is dedicated to ensuring that all the text across our websites, store, in-game content, contracts, agreements, and various communications is not only clear and efficient but also grammatically correct. They employ a diverse range of vocabulary and sentence structures to enhance overall readability and understanding.

Part-Time/Full-Time/Freelance — Remote


Visual Design Artist

Within our Design and Arts team, our Visual Design Artists are the creative minds responsible for ensuring that every part of G C Network looks captivating and visually pleasing. They dedicate themselves to crafting the visual components that players encounter, including banners, website design, emotes, texture packs, 3D models, animations, artwork, merchandise, icons, and various other media. In addition to this, they occasionally collaborate with our Developers and Managers to craft appealing visuals for systems, social media posts, and other graphic materials.

Part-Time/Full-Time/Freelance — Remote


Community Moderator

Community Moderators are the caring and understanding individuals who help ensure our community is a safe place for everyone on Discord and our Forums. They spot rule violations and take fair actions, like warnings, mutes, kicks, or bans, when needed. They're here to assist users, guiding them to the right information sources and answering their questions. Community Moderators also help with community events ensuring everything goes smoothly so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience.

Volunteer Part-Time/Volunteer Full-Time — Remote


Game Moderator - [MOD]

Game Moderators are the caring and understanding individuals who help ensure our community is a safe, fair, and fun environment for everyone in-game, on Discord and our Forums. They spot rule violations and take fair actions, like warnings, mutes, kicks, temporary or permanent bans, when necessary. They're here to assist users, guiding them to the right information sources and answering their questions. Community Moderators also help with community events ensuring everything goes smoothly so that everyone can have an enjoyable experience.

Part-Time/Full-Time — Remote


Level Designer - [Builder]

Our Level Designers, or Builders, are the creative minds behind crafting balanced, fun and visually appealing maps and levels for our games. These spaces are where players can play, explore, battle, and have fun. Builders also have access to some of the same tools as our Community Helpers for maintaining a positive experience.

Part-Time/Full-Time/Freelance — Remote


Frontend Player-Experience Developer - [DEV]

Frontend Player-Experience Developers understand the importance of creating a balanced, user-friendly, enjoyable, and visually appealing player experience. They contribute to configuring, adjusting, balancing, and enhancing our systems and games to ensure our players have a great time on our services. This involves tasks such as rearranging visual elements to fit various device resolutions, tweaking in-game shop prices for fairness, and formatting text in GUIs to enhance user-friendliness and clarity. They play a vital role in making G C Network a place where everyone can have an amazing experience.

Part-Time/Full-Time/Freelance — Remote


Web Developer - [DEV]

Web Developers are the individuals responsible for shaping the online image and presence of G C Network. They contribute to making G C Network search engine optimized, fixing bugs, introducing new features to our website, enhancing existing features, and ensuring the user-friendliness of our websites.

Part-Time/Full-Time — Remote


Game Developer - [DEV]

The G C Network Game Developers are the creative minds behind all our game modes, minigames, systems, and features—everything that engages our players in-game and sometimes on our website or Discord server. They are responsible for designing, developing, patching, balancing, and improving our systems and games to provide a unique and high-quality gaming experience. These developers are deeply passionate about the project and enjoy unleashing their creativity to craft something truly amazing. They are critical thinkers who fearlessly let their imagination run wild and think outside the box to create innovative and fun games and systems, even if the ideas may seem unconventional at first.

Part-Time/Full-Time/Freelance — Remote


Backend Developer - [DEV]

The responsibility of ensuring the smooth operation of every system, feature, software, database, and server, without errors or issues that could impede production or hinder game server performance where our players enjoy their time, lies with our Backend Developers. They work behind the scenes to troubleshoot, provide technical support, patch, and enhance systems. This allows other teams and departments to focus on their tasks, backed by comprehensive and efficient technical support from the Backend Developers. Their ability to quickly resolve issues and develop solutions on the fly helps minimize server downtime.

Part-Time/Full-Time — Remote


Player-Experience Manager - [MA]

The Player-Experience Managers are the ones who organize the fun stuff! Think challenges, tournaments, contests, and party games – both in-game and on Discord/Forums. They work closely with our developers and visual arts team to create events that everyone can enjoy. Their aim is to bring our community and staff together, making sure everyone has a good time. Plus, they make sure our hardworking staff doesn't burn out by organizing fun events for them too. It's all about building a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere within our team, making our project a total delight to work on.

Part-Time/Full-Time — Remote


Marketing Manager - [MA]

Marketing Managers play a crucial role in enhancing G C Network's online presence. They work to ensure that our organization appears prominently in search results and social media through effective hashtagging, ultimately improving visibility and reach. Additionally, they spearhead advertising campaigns, collaborating with our visual arts team to produce and design banners. Marketing Managers are also responsible for overseeing sales, discounts, store pricings, expenses, and managing the listings and additions or removals of store items and staff benefits. Their efforts contribute to shaping and perfecting G C Network's overall image and engagement with the audience.

Part-Time/Full-Time — Remote


Human Resources Manager - [MA]

Our Human Resources Managers play a pivotal role in building and maintaining our team. They take charge of recruiting new staff members to help us efficiently produce and deliver the content our community loves. Handling hiring, firing, promotions, and overall staff management, they serve as a vital link between our staff team and administration. Human Resources Managers keep us informed about staff concerns, requests, issues, performance, and improvement, ensuring a smooth and well-coordinated operation.

Part-Time/Full-Time — Remote