G C Network

Rules & Guidelines

All users and players must follow our community guidelines for a better and more fun experience for everyone!

When you think about the G C Network community, we want you to wear a smile knowing that this is a fun, safe, and friendly environment for everyone. To make sure we keep that awesome vibe going, we've got some rules and guidelines in place. We'd be super grateful if you could give them a read and follow them when you join our Servers, Forums, or Discord.


Respect and Behavior

At G C Network, we're all about spreading love, positivity, and good vibes. We do not tolerate toxic, hateful, offensive, disrespectful, or abusive behavior. Let's keep it cool, stay positive and respectful to all players and staff.


Security and Safety

It's essential to remember that your account and personal information are your own responsibility. DO NOT share your account or personal information with anyone! - We also want to emphasize that certain behaviors are strictly prohibited within our community. This includes threatening or engaging in harmful activities like doxing, DDoSing, harassment, blackmail, spreading false information, or sharing malicious links or files. While we value freedom of speech, we do not permit abusive or hateful language, inappropriate topics, jokes, or any form of spam. Let's keep our community respectful and enjoyable for everyone!



The content we create and share on G C Network is all about having a good time together. So here's the deal: use our services for your own entertainment, and let's keep things fair and square. - Here’s a list of things that we don’t want to see in G C Network:


Unfair Advantages
Using bots, scripts, exploits, macros, abusing loopholes in the rules to avoid punishments, objects such as tapes or rocks used for anti-afk (Away From Keyboard) methods, modifications such as cheats or software/hardware that give you an upper hand over others who are just here to have fun, is not allowed.


Game Sabotage

When playing games on our servers you shouldn’t cross-team, grief, steal, spawn-camp, encourage rule-breaking, create inappropriate content, builds, drawings, etc.


Account Misuse and Trading

In general, it's important to follow Mojang's End User License Agreement and User Guidelines. Avoid selling, trading, sharing, or giving away any accounts. Furthermore, avoid exchanging or selling in-game content, items, currency, services, or accounts on external third-party platforms or unauthorized game trading platforms, especially for items, currency, or services with real-life value.


Additionally, we don't allow participation in games of chance, such as gambling, establishing casinos, or lotteries, within our community.


When engaging in in-game item or currency trading, please use the authorized methods provided by G C Network. Be mindful not to engage in scams, accept unmoderated trades, or excessively advertise a trade. If you choose to accept unmoderated trades, you are responsible for any outcomes, risks, or damage associated with that trade.


Generally, use common sense when interacting with other players, staff, or our servers/features. Don’t abuse or exploit a bug or flaw in our systems, instead report it to our team with as much detail as possible so that we can understand the issue and patch it in an update.


Content Restrictions

While using or interacting with our Services, please avoid using, posting, sending, or creating any content that is inappropriate, religious, political, untrue, abusive, offensive, or otherwise sensitive. This includes but is not limited to capes, skins, usernames, nicknames, signs, item names, pet/minion/companion names, name tags, tags, profile picture, profile banner, profile bio or about section, status message, images, videos, GIFs, code, builds, text art, links, files, content, websites, platforms, manipulative content, misleading content, misinformation, public shaming material, spam, low-quality or low-effort content, copy-pastas, text, messages, etc.


Advertisement and Self-Promotion

Generally speaking, advertisements and self-promotion of third party websites, servers, Discord, and social media usernames and links are not allowed in our servers, forums, or Discord. Verified Content Creators and approved partners may bypass this restriction, but they can only post their advertisement in our Discord server, if it’s appropriate and in accordance with our Terms of Service and rules.


Rule Breakers and Punishments

If you find a player who is breaking our rules, or you believe that what they’re doing is against our standards, you should report them to help us keep the positive vibes. — As a rule-breaker you should expect:


Suspension of chat privileges (a Mute)

Suspension of your account (Temporary or Permanent Ban)

Extension of Suspension Period based on your actions

Restricted Access from certain sections/servers

Termination of your accounts (Complete deletion of your data followed by a permanent ban)


To appeal a ban, please make sure you have all of the necessary proof to back up your case, then create a ticket at our support desk. - Please note that the final decision for the continuation of our services to you rests with us.