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Hey everyone! This is a call (and a cry) for help! We are super under-staffed and could really use some help. We've opened our job applications, reworked our agreements, and updated some legal stuff to ensure a great employment experience within G C Network. Please keep in mind that we are somewhat new to this, and we are open to any suggestions, requests for revisions, and changes to our Terms of Service, Policies, agreements, contracts, etc. Also, please excuse the messy page design as G C Network is very early in development (After our massive rework), and pages will be perfected later on. It is important to mention that we value our team's contribution and dedication, and we want to reward them for their help and efforts, but due to high expenses and limited income, all openings are voluntary work until further notice.

Also, since we've updated our terms and policies, we thought it would be better for you all to review them and resubmit your applications with consent to the new terms and policies.

I thank you all SO MUCH for your patience and support, for believing in the project, for believing in me (D00dy), and for believing in ThatOneName all these years, and I wish that we could have made this announcement way sooner than today.
- Current staff, old staff, possibly new staff, I love you all!

Moving onwards from this point...

- To those of you who still want to be a part of our team, I am really happy to have you here and I really appreciate you!
- To those of you who have moved on and decided that they don't want to be working on this project anymore, I completely understand and respect your decision, and I am really sorry to see you unhappy with the progress, but I understand why you want to leave.

Regardless of whether you want to stay or leave, I thank you for staying with us until now. I appreciate you and hope that we can work together again in the future.

For current staff members:

If you still want to help out and be a part of our team (First of all, thank you <3), you will need to first read our new Terms, Policies, and Rules. Once you do, and if you agree and consent to these terms, you should then register for an account on our website (if you don't have one already), here.

- After creating an account, then you need to re-apply here.
- After you have applied, we will give you a password that is used to verify your identity in-game and in the staff Discord server to receive all of your permissions/ranks/roles.
- Depending on your position, you will be given the new login details to our Machines/Social Media/Email/Accounts/etc.

For new applicants:

First of all, I thank you so much for considering, cause we could really use more help. First read our new Terms, Policies, and Rules. Once you do, and if you agree and consent to the terms, you should then apply here.
For most positions, you will need to have a Resumé and Cover Letter!

Things to Keep in Mind Before Applying:

1. We are accepting applications fast! As we really need to grow our team.
2. Please disregard all time-related requirements for the duration of this recruitment.
3. Working as a volunteer worker, you must understand that you are still given a schedule and set deadlines, but as far as volunteer work goes, we have room to bend our rules a little. So, you won't be in trouble for missing deadlines or being off-schedule; however, we would like to ask you to please keep this collaboration fair and honest. If you miss every deadline then regrettably, we would have no other choice than to let you go.

Thank you for your time and support, without you we wouldn't be motivated enough to work on this project.

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