Miscellaneous Updates #1

8 month(s) ago

Hey everyone! This a list of updates that we wanted to share with you but they're not related to one specific category, so this is the mark of the begging of a new category called "Miscellaneous Updates". — In Miscellaneous Update number #1 we will announce some updates to account registration, our promises for OG players, giveaway winners and how to claim your prize, and what's in the works for the future.

Account Registration:

In the last announcements we said that we had to pause Account Registration because we didn't have some legal documents ready. Since we have our documents now, there is a new issue that we didn't think about at first. To avoid usernames from being stolen, we are going to keep Account Registration paused until servers are online and open to public, so you can create an account by verifying your username and email address in-game.

This decision also enables us to direct our focus and time on other important projects, since we don't have enough staff members to help us monitor comments, suggestions, tickets, posts, etc. We are hoping we can have our application forms ready by the pre-beta launch.

Some of you might wonder what happened to our promises for the OG players?

We haven't forgotten our promises for early access, exclusive rewards, and exclusive perks for all of the OG players! Though, we will not be able to offer you any of those perks until the official release. - We know that the "Pre" part in Pre-BETA sounds like something that should be an early access privilege, but we want to efficiently test most of our systems before we can offer you the full experience! So, sorry but that just isn't in our plan until later... : (

Speaking of promises...

We want to mention that we also haven't forgotten about the giveaway winners, OLD-BETA (our first "Beta" phase ever) Tester rewards and players who qualified, and those of you who have claimed the 2023 Christmas presents! - We still have all of those names and usernames saved in a databank that will initiate with the official release!

For those of you who haven't linked your Discord account to a Minecraft account before, don't worry! We have your Discord user ID saved, and we will contact you individually in one of our support channels to deliver your rewards to the right account in-game! : )

- Side Note: The G C Network team will NEVER contact you through Direct Messages (DM) about anything related to your account in our network, and you shouldn't trust any files, messages, or links sent to you privately!
G C Network is in no way responsible for any damage caused by trusting links, files, or other information sent to you privately.

1.8 Support is coming to G C Network!

Most of you who are a member of our Discord server, already know about this update, but we are going to post here as well! - At the moment we are experimenting and making sure that this change won't have a huge impact on Bedrock or console players, but we are confident that we can include 1.8 as a supported version in our servers.

That's all for now! ~ With ❤, The G C Network Team. 


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