New Features, Bug Fixes, and More!

8 month(s) ago

Hey everyone, this is a part of our second big announcement. In this announcement post we just want to share some of the new things we've been working on, some of the problems and issue we've fixed, and address some of the changes we had make.

- First, we are super excited to announce the release of our Forums feature that we have been working on. It is very early in development, so expect a lot of bugs. (Pssst... It's Available now, and you can check it out Here!)
Also, to be perfectly honest we don't have much experience when it comes to forums, so please bear with us while we experiment with features and options to see what works for us.
- We added some new fields to your public profile where you can add your Discord username, Guild Name, and set a custom status for yourself. (These will be visible on your public profile!)
- There were also a lot of bugs that needed fixing, so we did just that. :)
- Our store received another visuals update with new graphics and icons.
- We have also updated our pricing to guarantee fairness and generosity in exchange for the services provided. (Again, store purchases are Paused until the official launch.)
- As we previously announced our anticheat's A.I is trained by You, the players. - We have updated our Privacy Policy to explain what kind of data we collect and how we utilize it to improve our anticheat's accuracy.
- You will now have a new option in your profile page named "Inventory". Here's how you can redeem, send, and view your purchased items, giveaway prizes, gifts, codes, and trades (Soon to be announced!).

The other parts of this big announcement are on the way!...

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